Self Defense Books! Pros, Cons, & How to know if It's Good or Not!

Here's the Only Self Defense Books I have.

Hell, I threw a way $ thousands of dollars of books & videos, after reading this little book.

Now are my results typical? Probably not, its atypical to create a site after being exposed to any self defense system. Typical results for TFT? I'm not sure you're going to have to go to their site

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Testimonies from Real People
“Excellent. No one else is doing this kind of useful training. It’s a base knowledge that you can use for the rest of your life. The new format of not working from a strike teaches you not to wait and to get close and inside. You will know how to fight after you complete this course.
Matt Peters
Dallas, TX

“Cuts through a lot of things you would have to go through in a traditional school (martial arts). This is the most time efficient and realistic approach I’ve ever seen. It’s a must.
Bruce Kelly
Chicago, IL


Self defense books are Great Resources
-background information before taking a class
or to know if a system is right for you.
Low priced
-Anywhere from $5-$70, much less than
an average course or personal instruction
Can be read anywhere
-Most good classes are hard to find or too far a way
-Self defense books can be read & reviews at your own pace, most classes go at the instructors pace or the slowest person there.


Never replace real seeing it
-books lead to self defence videos or courses
Can't correct you
-self correction helps, but still needs an instructor
Can't replace a training partner
-Again self evaluation helps, but not enough to bet your life on it.

How do you know which Self Defense Books are good?
7 Killer Tips

-based on principles not techniques

-ability to learn the basics quickly and effectively

-not based on physical attributes(pain tolerance, conditioning, coordination, & so on)

-no politics or history lessons, basically no fluff,
--trust me most so-called martial arts books are filled with this fluff, but can't help you in an attack

-not based on MMA, sorry guys that's a sport, self defense isn't

-able to handle multiple attackers with guns, knives, & sticks

-based on violence eg:school shootings, mass murders, truly horrible acts

How does your martial arts book library look now?
Remember learning martial arts is different
than learning to impart trauma!

Ideally defending yourself is a small & specialized
portion of martial arts, and only needed when
your life is on the line.

Get The Martial Arts Book Designed To
Help Save Your Life

Don't limit yourself to what the instructor says to read.
Keep an open mind & create your own tips. This just
what I've done after spending thousands of $$$$.

I hope this helped

***First off I am an affiliate. I do get commissions. Now, I promote only things I use and believe in. This site was created to help you survive a violent attack! I take to heart the serious nature of this topic. I do this to help get this vital information out to regular people and yes also to make a little money. Promoting junk only results in refunds at best and worst a destroyed life here. Thats why I only promote great products.If you see ads or go to a site with review like Amazon from my site, I do not condone all that is said there. I have no control over them.***

Self Protection for Real People

What Real People Have to Say About TFT!

“It’s real, scientific, and it works.

Dennis Burns Indianapolis, IN

“Faster pace was good [as was] working on concrete. Really appreciated detail and high interest level of instructors to make students better. Minimizes the frills. Most direct system ever experienced. Dan Nattress Cardiff, CA

“Real world self defense. No flying thru the air, no yelling, no meditating. Just straight to the heart principles that anyone can use.

Martin Lingle San Jose, CA

“Practical, no nonsense, save-your-life training.

Bryan Kelly Chicago, IL

“You receive an education in the true dynamic of fighting and the full implications of violence, positive and negative.

Jason Woodard Reno, NV